Adam LeBor

Adam LeBor is a journalist, non-fiction author and thriller writer.  He has reported from more than thirty countries and his books have been published in fourteen languages.  He lived in Budapest for more than twenty years and is an expert on central and eastern Europe.  His non-fiction books include the ground-breaking HITLER’S SECRET BANKERS, which exposed the scandal of Swiss collaboration with the Nazis, CITY OF ORANGES, a history of Arab and Jewish families in Jaffa, COMPLICITY WITH EVIL, an expose of the UN’s failure to stop genocide and TOWER OF BASEL, the first investigative history of the Bank for International Settlements.

He is the author of the thriller trilogy featuring Yael Azoulay, the covert negotiator for the United Nations, which includes THE GENEVA OPTION, THE WASHINGTON STRATAGEM and  THE REYKJAVIK ASSIGNMENT.

Adam is currently working on a new noir crime series set in present-day Budapest featuring Balthazar Kovacs, a Gypsy detective in the Budapest murder squad. The first volume DISTRICT VIII was published in 2018, the second volume KOSSUTH SQUARE was published in 2019.

You can visit Adam’s website and follow him on Twitter @adamlebor.