Alice Morrison

Alice Morrison is a Scottish Adventurer, based in Morocco. After a childhood spent running around the African Bush, she was sent to boarding school in Edinburgh where she learned Latin but no decorum. She studied Arabic and Turkish at University which has led to a long love affair with the Middle East.

Alice worked in the media for many years, with holidays and weekends spent in the outdoors doing things just slightly harder than she wanted them to be. Everyone thought she was crazy to pay good money for mud and tents in far-flung places rather than sun, sand and five-star hotels.

In 2011, redundancy loomed, and she made a positive out of a negative and entered the longest bike race on earth, the Tour D’Afrique, from Cairo to Cape Town. 8,000 miles and a very sore bottom later, she knew that she wanted to keep adventuring.

Since then, she has gone on to climb lots of mountains, including a world first trek from the highest point of North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean; run (slowly) across many miles of desert in the Marathon des Sables, the toughest race on earth; presented the BBC2 series Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure; and written two books. She is currently working on her third.