Dr David Gange

Dr David Gange is a historian and nature writer. He has written books about the history of archaeology, including DIALOGUES WITH THE DEAD: EGYPTOLOGY IN BRITISH CULTURE AND RELIGION and (with Michael Ledger-Lomas) CITIES OF GOD: THE BIBLE AND ARCHAEOLOGY and is currently working on THE BATTLE FOR BRITAIN’S SOUL: REMAKING HUMAN NATURE, 1870-1914.

David’s highly acclaimed THE VICTORIANS: A BEGINNER’S GUIDE has been described as ‘undoubtedly the best single volume on Victorian culture and history out there’ (Simon Goldhill, King’s College Cambridge).

David has appeared on Smithsonian TV and the BBC, including providing expert analysis for the BBC2 series BIBLE HUNTERS. His reviewing and commentary appear in journals including the Times Literary Supplement.

Outside his professional life (as Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Birmingham) David spends his time in a kayak or on mountains. He has written on wading birds (for Dunlin Press) on tent-free camping (for Earthlines Magazine) and is currently working on a book combining his enthusiasms for history and nature: THE FRAYED ATLANTIC EDGE which will be published by William Collins.