Franny Moyle

Franny Moyle

Franny Moyle has a degree in English and History of Art from St John’s College, Cambridge.

She is a key figure in cultural television programming. She left a very senior role at the BBC a year ago to pursue her own publishing and television projects, and is currently a freelance executive producer, handling some of the BBC’s and other terrestrial channels’ major cultural series. Her first book, DESPERATE ROMANTICS: THE PRIVATE LIVES OF THE PRE-RAPHAELITES was published by John Murray in January 2009.

From June 2000 until April 2005, Franny Moyle influenced arts programming, first as the Creative Director of the BBC’s main arts production department, London Arts, and since 2002 as the corporation’s first Commissioner of Arts and Culture for BBC TV across its four main channels – a role which includes responsibility for £55 million worth of programming over well over 600 hours of airtime annually.

In the last half of the 1990’s, Franny Moyle’s name was more widely associated with leisure programming. She was the editor who transformed the success of Home Front by converting the half-hour magazine show to a formidably successful hour-long strand. Following this, she became the BBC’s Executive Editor for Leisure Programmes, responsible not only for titles generated by London but also BBC Birmingham.

Her latest book TURNER: THE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE AND MOMENTOUS TIMES OF J. M. W. TURNER was published by Viking in July 2016.

Franny is a Director of the Hackney Empire, a venue close to her home in East London. She is married to the film writer and director Richard Curson, and has three children.