Mai Jia

Mai Jia

Mai Jia (the pseudonym of Jiang Benhu) is arguably the most successful writer in China today. His books are constant bestsellers, with total sales over three million copies. He became the highest paid author in China in 2013 with his book, WIND TALK. He has achieved unprecedented success with film adaptation: all of his novels are made – or are being made – into major films or TV series, the screenplays of which are often written by Mai Jia himself.

He is hailed as the forerunner of Chinese espionage fiction, and has created a unique genre that combines spy-craft, code-breaking, crime, human drama, historical fiction, and meta-fiction. He has won almost every major award in China, including the highest literary honor – the Mao Dun Award.

His latest novel IN THE DARK was published by Penguin in 2015.

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