Tessa Boase

Tessa Boase read English at Oxford, and has worked as a commissioning editor on the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph, and as deputy editor of the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine. As a freelance feature writer she contributes to a wide variety of national newspapers and magazines.

Her first book, THE HOUSEKEEPER’S TALE: THE WOMEN WHO REALLY RAN THE ENGLISH COUNTRY HOUSE, was published by Aurum Press in 2014. Her second book, MRS PANKHURST’S PURPLE FEATHER; FASHION, FURY AND FEMINISM – WOMEN’S FIGHT FOR CHANGE, was published by Aurum in 2018 and reveals the untold story of the female founders of the RSPB, campaigning against feathered hats.

Tessa lives with her family on the Sussex coast – and in the Sabine Hills, Italy, where she produces olive oil.