Tom Gash

Tom Gash advises and writes on crime policy and government effectiveness. He is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government, a Visiting Senior Fellow at the London School of Economic’s Mannheim Centre for Criminology, and an Expert Advisor for the Boston Consulting Group.

Tom’s work on crime draws on his experience as an adviser in the UK Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit in the mid-2000s and seeks to ensure that governments follow the latest evidence about what works in reducing crime. His first book CRIMINAL: THE TRUTH ABOUT WHY PEOPLE DO BAD THINGS is published with Penguin, Allen Lane, May 2016.

Tom’s work on public services draws on his experience in government and his time at the Institute for Government, which he joined as part of its set-up in 2008. Tom was the Institute’s Director of Research until August 2015 and led a range of high profile studies examining ways of improving public services in the UK and abroad. He has designed and delivered sessions for ministers and civil servants and speaks and consults internationally to support improvements in government effectiveness. Tom is a regular commentator for UK radio, print and television, having written for the Financial Times, The Times, and the Guardian.