Andrew Roberts - Eminent Churchillians

Eminent Churchillians

After this controversial new book by one of Britain’s leading young historians, the Age of Churchill will have to be rewritten. Adopting the technique Lytton Strachey pioneered in EMINENT VICTORIANS, Andrew Roberts tackles six aspects of Churchilliana, uncovering a plethora of uncomfortable truths and offering an original and often disturbing analysis of Britain’s postwar decline.

‘An elegantly written, thought-provoking book…an essential reappraisal of British myths since 1939’ Sarah Bradford, The Times

‘A book of quite exceptional quality…Roberts resembles Strachey in his iconoclasm, and in the brilliance of his writing’ John Grigg

‘A freshness and sophistication that is impressive’ Sir Robert Rhodes James, Sunday Times

‘He argues powerfully – with a pen dipped in vitriol’ Peter Grosvenor, Daily Telegraph