Ghosts of Empire

The ghosts of the British Empire continue to haunt today’s international scene and many of the problems faced by the Empire have still not been resolved. In Iraq, Kashmir, Burma, Sudan, Nigeria and Hong Kong, new difficulties, resulting from British imperialism, have arisen and continue to baffle politicians and diplomats. This powerful book addresses the realities of the British Empire from its inception to its demise, skewering fantasies of its glory and cataloguing both the inadequacies of its ideals and the short-termism of its actions.

GHOSTS OF EMPIRE : Britain’s Legacies in the Modern World was first published on 15th August 2011 by Bloomsbury.


“Well-written, witty, but above all fair-minded, this is the best general overview of the British Empire to appear in years. Kwasi Kwarteng has emerged as a significant scholar on the historical scene”
– Andrew Roberts

“I learned something new on virtually every page of this fine book”
– Michael Burleigh

“Refreshing, original and well-researched … “Britain knows best” arrogance is unmasked in chapter after chapter of this devastating book … No one will understand the political situation in the world today who has not grasped the truths enshrined in Kwarteng’s brilliant book”
– A.N. Wilson, Evening Standard

“A successful and convincing biography of the empire’s ruling elites and their modern day legacies”
– Economist

“Smart, witty and personable … This is a book alive with wild and wonderful characters … A cracking debut from a very accomplished historian”
– Daily Telegraph

“Highly thought-provoking … original, stimulating and insightful”
– Times Literary Supplement

“It won’t please jingoists, but this unsparing account of the British Empire, written by a Tory MP with Ghanaian roots, exposes the dangerous folly of imperial pretensions”
– Sally Cousins, Sunday Telegraph


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