Gold Mountain Blues

Written by: Zhang Ling

One Family.
Five generations.
An epic story of love and loss.


China, 1879
With the Opium wars at their height, Fong Tak-Fat boards a ship to Canada, determined to make a life for himself and support his family back home. He will endure great hardship as he works to build the Pacific Railway and save every penny he makes to reunite his family. Canada, 2004 Amy Smith knows nothing of her family history, a secret her mother will not share, until she is summoned to her ancestral home in China to collect the forgotten belongings of family members whom she has never met. Can Amy finally unlock the door to her past?

Telling the story of one family’s journey through five generations and across the seas, GOLD MOUNTAIN BLUES is a heartrending tale of sacrifice, endurance, hope and survival.


GOLD MOUNTAIN BLUES was published on 4th May 2017 by Corvus (Atlantic Books).

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