Good Tempered Food

This book is filled with the food we love to eat and cook and it offers something entirely new – a practical and enjoyable way to think about it. GOOD TEMPERED FOOD is all about reuniting yourself with a sense of pleasure in the kitchen, rediscovering that “slow” or “time taken” doesn’t mean difficult. It’s about enjoying the process if cooking, from conception, gestation, picking, plucking, peeling, preparing and waiting.

GOOD TEMPERED FOOD shows how to plan in advance and half-prepare a dish a day or even a week before. It explains how to coordinate instructions and timing when planning a meal.

A temperamental dish like risotto can be half-cooked before time, the simplest of meat sauces can be converted from lasagna to cottage pie, hot and cold puddings can be pre-cooked and finished at the last minute. Such things as mashed potatoes can stay perfect in the fridge for four days.

Often it is the simple things that prompt our appetite. This book is full of dishes that will give you pleasure to cook – roasted baby tomatoes mixed with baby broad beans, a handful of chives, mint, chervil and thyme, some lemon zest and cheese thrown onto some pasta or a fat piece of belly of pork idling in the oven for several hours, steeped in molasses, sweet brown sugar and star anise.

This is quiet, unhurried, unchaotic cooking to be savoured with its natural accompaniments – conversation, music and a glass of wine.