Last Letters Home

In 1995 we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War. For many of those who lived through it, the war was the most exciting and dynamic time of their lives. Despite the danger, death and trauma, it was a time when rules were broken and life was exhilarating. People look back on it as a time when they were most alive, lived most intensely.

Tying in with a major ITV documentary, LAST LETTERS HOME, brings together the memories, good and bad, and captures the spirit of the lives of soldiers and civilians, young and old. Through the last letters they wrote and received, and through interviews, we learn the everyday stories of lives transformed by separation, bombing, internment and the horror of battle. These are letters that kept hope alive, speaking of love, loyalty, loneliness and courage. They were often the last link between a mother, a lover, a wife or a child and the person who died before their delivery.

The poignancy, the pointlessness, the arbitrary waste of life are all here. Yet LAST LETTERS HOME also reveals the quiet courage and strong emotion which enabled people to endure – and which has coloured their lives ever since. It is an extraordinary testament to an extraordinary generation of men and women.