Little Sisters

Elsa’s not really very good at typing, though she tries. Would she do better as a good-time girl? A weekend in the country with her suave new lover and his millionaire friends proves that life and love are both more magical and more murderous than Elsa had ever supposed, and that the sixties are better escaped than returned to.

“A rich brew of sex, greed and the macabre…not only does she manage a highly wrought plot without strain, not a word of dialogue is wasted and there is a wealth of observation so concisely made its delivery borders of the casual” – The Times

“Like an ice-cool conjurer in complete control of spinning places, Fay Weldon tosses up imporant judgements, plucks off-beat characters out of the air, summons up the dead and the living, past and present, mixes fairytale and macabre reality…compulsively readable…delicious, effervescent” – Daily Telegraph

“Her humour is sharp and incredibly unsentimental…one of the most readable, articulate and fascinating of contemporary writers” – The Scotsman

“Beautifully written and constructed…funny and humane” – Financial Times