Edward Paice - Lost Lion of Empire

Lost Lion of Empire

Written by: Edward Paice

Ewart Grogan dubbed “the boldest and baddest of a bold, bad gang” of pioneering settlers in Kenya, was a gentleman adventurer possessed of magnetic charm, a formidable intellect and a near boundless ego. As a young man he fell in with an heiress, and to prove himself worthy of his hand, he undertook the first south-to-north traverse of the African continent, This epic feat of exploration, which won him both his bride and instant celebrity, was the first great achievement of a life driven by immense ambition and a willingness to risk all on ventures deemed impossible by lesser mortals. Famed throughout the British Empire, he became one of the most brilliant – and controversial – figures of African colonial history.

“The lost lion of empire seldom attract the best biographers, but Ewart Grogan is lucky in Edward Paice…Paice seizes the chance to restore Grogan to his rightful place in British imperial history with infectious relish and appropriate panache” – John Spurling, Times Literary Supplement

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