Fay Weldon - Polaris

Polaris & Other Stories

POLARIS AND OTHER STORIES is Fay Weldon’s second collection of short stories, each one funny, tragic, tough-minded or soft-hearted, according to the mood and inclination of the reader. Of her first collection WATCHING ME WATCHING YOU, The Times wrote: “This collection…shows her work at its most typical. Her range of subject matter is broad. Her emotional insights are as profound as ever.”

In this second series of stories, Weldon ranges further from home – to the wilds of Scotland in POLARIS where Timmy, sub-mariner and one fifteenth of Britain’s nuclear Attack Team conducts his uneasy marriage, to distant Tasmania in OH MARY DONT YOU CRY ANY MORE, where the strong southern winds bear hope and grief away – via everyday suburbia, so elegantly yet scurrilously viewed in CHRISTMAS LISTS – a story which advances by means of the lists which a compulsive list-maker complies over the years.

These three and many more combine to make a stunning collection of short stories.