Dame Stella Rimington - Secret Asset

Secret Asset

Liz Carlyle, the quick, passionate intelligence officer of Britain’s MI5, returns to defuse a terrorist plot in this high-stakes, high-tension tale of international espionage.

When it appears a “secret asset” – a sleeper spy – has infiltrated British intelligence, the Director of Counter-Terrorism assigns Liz Carlyle to dig up the mole. The spy, possibly a former IRA operative now working with British-born Al Qaeda sympathisers, has one thing on his (or her?) mind: total devestation. With a major attack looming, Liz must trust her instincts and move fast. But this assignment is deadly, and suddenly she feels like she has wandered into a “wilderness of mirrors”, where nothing is what it seems and no one can be trusted.
“Welcome a new queen of the genre…Stella Rimington, who was the first female director of MI5, knows what she writes” The Washington Times
“Intelligent, vivid…with rich insider detail” The Plain Dealer
“Brisk pacing and intelligent attention to detail make this thriller one of the better spy stories of recent times” Mystery Scene