Simply the Best

The renaissance in the culinary arts in Britain is taking place at source with the small, specialist producer. With it now being possible to order, and have delivered overnight, even the most esoteric or distantly placed of foods. SIMPLY THE BEST will introduce these specialist producers and outlets, and provide ideas and recipes for preparing them.

It is Tamasin’s thesis that good shopping is as important to good food as good cooking, that making the most of seasonal food is one of the chief pleasures of one’s cooking life – the anticipation and the pleasure of discovering and using ingredients as they come into season. The ingredients in this book are all readily available, though with Tamasin’s list of specialist producers there is the option to order for delivery.

Based on Tamasin’s column in Saturday’s Telegraph, SIMPLY THE BEST is a rich selection of recipes for the home cook, from the very simplest fresh autumnal mushrooms tossed briefly in a film of olive oil to more serious dishes such as Baked Shoulder of Lamb with Pink Fir Potatoes and Peaches and Raspberry Trifle.

SIMPLY THE BEST is a food odyssey, tracing the story of what we eat from its beginnings with the small, dedicated producers who are revolutionising what we eat, how we can find and choose not the most expensive but certainly the best products, to deciding how best to prepare, cook and enjoy what is available.

‘Her must-cook recipes…are the perfect mix of everyday dishes and more aspirational delights.’ – Evening Standard

‘a cookery book that is guaranteed to enlighten and inspire you all year round.’ – Daily Express

‘…at the heart of this book is Tamasin’s simple, soulful cooking…a truly inspiring read.’- Food Illustrated