Supper for a Song

We have just opened the kitchen door on a new cooking age – a save it, stretch it, re-vamp it, don’t waste it age – a cooking-delicious-food but count-the-cost and spare-the-energy age. Tamasin Day-Lewis has always believed this to be the most exciting and creative way to cook; here she provides the know-how to do so. SUPPER FOR A SONG is a book for the resourceful cook in the prudent kitchen. It’s about foraging in fridge and field and larder, and still shopping for the best while spending less.

This is comfort food at its best: deeply flavoured succulent braises from inexpensive cuts, robust pasta dishes, fragrant pilafs and paella. There are original ways to extend the Sunday roast to make great weekday suppers. Leftovers are transformed into sustaining soups, creamy risottos, zingy salads and delectable puddings. “The Saturday bake” offers gooey brownies and blondies, buttery biscuits and irresistable cakes, while “Happy food” provides plenty of chocolate and other deeply satisfying sweet and savoury treats. There’s also advice on keeping a store-cupboard well stocked for quick meals, and making the most of seasonal gluts.

SUPPER FOR A SONG is not about hardtime thrift, it is the way to cook and enjoy food, making the most of the wealth of ingredients available to us. It is the food of the future.