Tarts with Tops On

“Is there anyone who doesn’t inwardly melt at the sight of a golden glazed pied crust with its little cottage chimney of steam wafting the scent of buried juices, the auguries of delight of what lies beneath? A classic steak and kidney, a soothing chicken pie, the crisp crumbliness of a raised hot water pie crust, the sugar topped exuberance of a fruit pie, its crackling of sweetness concealing the acid fruit below, the buttery spiced whiff of an apple pie…”

TARTS WITH TOPS ON is a celebration of the pie, this most traditional, comforting and delicious of foods, as enjoyable in the making as in the eating.

Tamasin Day-Lewis draws upon classic combinations to create her own version of many savoury pies, such as Bacon and Egg Pie; the Cornish Pasty; Tourte de Pacques, a traditional Easter pie with eggs, artichokes and spinach; Hunter’s Pie; and a delicious Feta, Rice and Yoghurt Pie.

There is a selection of Other People’s Pies, Sweet Pies, and a chapter on American Pies which includes Shaker Lemon; Key Lime; Mississippi Mud and Jefferson Davies Pies.

Tamasin shows how to make pastry for every type of pie, easy infallible recipes which produce pastry invariably superior to anything you can buy.

Savoury or sweet, homely or sophisticated, traditional or innovative, TARTS WITH TOPS ON has a pie to impress for every occasion.