The Art of the Tart

The marriage of textures and flavours, colours and aromas, the beauty of turning out the simplest everyday tart, or of gilding or glazing one of elegant richness, make tarts the most satisfying of foods to make and eat.

Tarts, tourtes, quiches, tartelettes, the myriad variants of both form and content, are celebrated in this collection of ninety tarts for all seasons and all occasions.

Classical, historical and modern tarts are all included, as are the childhood experiences of making jam tarts, eating them bubbling hot from the oven and invariably searing one’s mouth in the haste to devour them. The Doucet Tart, enjoyed by Chaucer and the court of Henry IV, with its intoxicating marriage of honey and saffron, will surprise even the most sophisticated palate, as will the rich, delicate perfection of Tamasin’s Souffled Crab Tart and the ambrosial Peach, Vanilla and Amaretti Tarte Tatin.

From the most classical of tarts, the Quiche Lorraine and the Strawberry Tart, to the airy heights of a Tomato and Prosciutto Tart on a puff pastry base, anyone can bake a tart, and enjoy this most biddable of foods.