Faisal Islam - The Default Line

The Default Line

Written by: Faisal Islam

How does the economy of a Western nation-state simply run out of money? And how can a banking system become so unregulated that it offers a gold credit card to a dog?!

In this brilliantly accessible and eye-opening examination of the global financial crisis, Faisal Islam takes us on a journey along the ‘Default Line’ – the point at which the optimism of economic boom flips into fiscal madness – with far-reaching and disastrous results.

Having watched Lehman Bros crash, investigated emerging economies in India and China, and interviewed such players as the UK premier and the President of the World Bank, Faisal is the perfect guide to the new landscape of the crisis. From New York to Singapore and from Moscow to Merseyside, he explains its causes and describes its impact on the lives of ordinary people with exemplary clarity.

THE DEFAULT LINE was published on 29th August 2013 by Head of Zeus.

Watch Faisal discussing THE DEFAULT LINE via the Guardian website: http://www.theguardian.com/business/video/2013/aug/16/faisal-islam-default-line-video

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