Ian Sansom - The Delegates Choice

The Delegates Choice

Written by: Ian Sansom

The third installment of the hilarious Mobile Library detective series charts further adventures of Israel Armstrong – crime-solving, Jewish, mobile librarian.

Israel has been invited to attend the Mobile Meet in London, the annual mobile library convention, with his irracible companion Ted Carson. Back in the UK, Israel is reunited with his family, and there is much eating of paprika chicken and drinking of good coffee. But within only twenty-four hours of their arrival, the mobile library has been nicked.

Who on earth would want to steal a thiry-year-old rust-bucket of a van, and who can the two men turn to for assistance? Can Mr and Mrs Krimholz, the parents of Israel’s childhood rival Adam Krimholz, help them out? Amidst all this mayhem, will Israel and Ted, one of literature’s oddest oddball couples. ever make it to the Mobile Meet? In this, his most puzzling, personal and problematic case yet, Israel has never had it so bad…and neither has his library.