Ian Sansom - The Enthusiasts' Field Guide to Poetry

The Enthusiasts’ Field Guide to Poetry

Written by: Ian Sansom

THE ENTHUSIAST FIELD GUIDE TO POETRY is a fresh and richly involving selection of poems and poetic fragments, accompanied by an enlightening apparatus of comment and digresion in the unmistakable style of The Enthusiast. The 150 poems selected come from every period of literature in English, and from writers from many corners of the world: from Keats to Kipling, from Milton to Mayakovsky, from Sappho to Shelley and from Wordswoth to Whitman.

THE ENTHUSIAST FIELD GUIDE TO POETRY enhances the readers enjoyment and appreciation of these poems by drawing attention to their defining features (choice of language, figures of speech), but also by providing thought provoking biographical observations, intriguing stories about the composition of the poems, and a host of other aposite and enlightening aper su.

True to the temperament of The Enthusaist, THE ENTHUSIAST FIELD GUIDE TO POETRY is anything but predictable. The poems chosen include classic works (from PARADISE LOST to IF), but also half forgotten, suprising, and little known poems. And while the anotations always enlighten, they do not adhere to any set pattern. The object is to delight, and, invariably, to provoke.

Authoratitive but not stuffy, irreverant and instructive, THE ENTHUSIAST FIELD GUIDE TO POETRY brings the reader to the brink of the poems themsleves. It is the perfect anthology for anyone setting out to discover the excitements of poetry.