Adrian Goldsworthy - The Fall of Carthage

The Fall of Carthage

The greatest conflict of the Ancient World.

The story of the Fall of Carthage was told and re-told by many historians of the Ancient World. It was a sweeping saga, dominated by the famous generals Hannibal and Scipio, but with a colourful supporting cast of treacherous chieftains, beautiful princesses, scheming politicians and tough professional warriors. Ancient writers also recognized that it was a turning point in history, setting the stage for the Roman domination of the known world.

From the early battles across Sicily to the legendary career of Hannibal and on to the final epic siege that resulted in the extermination of the Carthaginian people, Adrian Goldsworthy tells the story for a modern audience.

‘Brings to lucid life the three-round duel for control of the Mediterranean between Rome and her great African rival’ – BBC history magazine