Dame Stella Rimington - The Geneva Trap

The Geneva Trap

MI5 agent Liz Carlyle finds her past catching up with her when a rogue Russian spy warns her of a plot to hack into the West’s military satellite systems.

At a tracking station in Virginia, U.S. Navy officers watch in horror as one of their communications satellites plummets into the Indian Ocean and panic spreads through the British and American intelligence services.

When a Russian intelligence officer approaches MI5 with vital information about the cyber sabotage, he refuses to talk to anyone but Liz Carlyle. But who is he, and how is he connected to Liz?

Is this a Russian plot to disable the West’s defenses? Or is the threat coming from elsewhere? As Liz and her team search for a mole inside the Ministry of Defense, the trail takes them from Geneva, to Marseilles, and to Korea in a race against time to stop the Cold War from heating up.

THE GENEVA TRAP was published in the UK on 19th July 2012 by Bloomsbury.
Bloomsbury USA will publish on 2nd October 2012.