The Unruly Queen

Written by: Flora Fraser

At the heart of the extravagant Regency period – nine scandalous, politically fascinating years from 1811 to 1820 – lies the bitter mismatch between the Prince and Princess of Wales. The Prince Regent, later George IV, separated privately from Caroline of Brunswick within a year of their marriage in 1795. The couple remained separated until Queen Caroline’s death in 1821, but the mockery of their marriage resisted the most strenuous efforts to dissolve it. Barred from the Regent’s court, Queen Caroline travelled through Europe with a small court of her own.

The story of THE UNRULY QUEEN – a long, courageous fight by an extraordinary individual to see justice done in the face of overbearing authority – is compellingly told by Flora Fraser. This astonishing book culminates with the Queen’s House of Lords trial for adultery and exclusion from her bigamous husband’s coronation.

THE UNRULY QUEEN was published by Bloomsbury in 1996.


“Splendid … her book does justice to a fascinating woman who was tragic, brave, likable, humorous, and indeed, unruly”
–  Spectator

“Well written, thoroughly enjoyable … required reading”
–  Daily Telegraph

“Written with elegance, wit and a narrative zest that novelists might envy”
–  Economist