Alev Scott - Turkish Awakening

Turkish Awakening

Written by: Alev Scott

The eruption of protests in Turkey in June 2013 laid bare the tensions accrued over a decade of economically successful but increasingly autocratic rule by the religious Justice and Development Party. Until recently, middle-class Turks unhappy with Prime Minister Erdogan’s strongman-style of leadership have grumbled quietly while Turkey has grown in status and prestige on the international scene. Now, they have awoken and are determined to have their grievances heard.

The religious working class, on the other hand, insist that life has never been better.

Alev Scott’s book explores the shifts in Turkish society in recent years, and the roots of the indelible patriotism that characterises every Turk, whatever their politics.

From the European buzz of Istanbul to the strife-torn villages of the South East, Turkey is a country going through rapid change. Mass migration, urbanisation and a growing awareness of human rights have changed the social, economic and physical landscapes of a powerful country.

The book delves into the Turkish psyche and looks ahead at the immediate future of a country the whole world is watching.

TURKISH AWAKENING was published on 6th March 2014 by Faber.

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