The Studio

We are pleased to announce that Angelina Jolie has, through her production company Jolie Pas,  bought an option to produce and adapt Simon Sebag Montefiore’s book, ‘CATHERINE THE GREAT & POTEMKIN: The Imperial Love Affair’ for film or TV drama.

The Weinstein Company have optioned the TV dramatisation rights for Andrew Roberts’ NAPOLEON. Andrew’s superlative biography was awarded the Prix du Jury des Grands Prix de la Fondation Napoléon 2014 and The Los Angeles Times Biography Prize 2015.

Andrew Roberts - Napoleon

Tobias Jones and his wife set up a woodland sanctuary for people in a period of crisis in their lives and this is the subject of his latest book, A PLACE OF REFUGE – which has been optioned by Cosmopolitan Pictures.

Tobias Jones - A Place of Refuge

Catherine Bailey’s acclaimed BLACK DIAMONDS is an extraordinary tale of family feuds, forbidden love, civil unrest and the downfall of a mining dynasty. It has been optioned by David Aukin at Daybreak Pictures.


Tobias Jones’ gripping tale of true of true crime, BLOOD ON THE ALTAR, has been optioned by Cosmopolitan Pictures in partnership with Clerkenwell Films.

Tobias Jones - Blood on the Altar

Ian Sansom’s much-loved MOBILE LIBRARY series has been optioned by award-winning British comedy production company, Citrus Pictures.

Ian Sansom - The Case of the Missing Books

Scott Free Productions, the film and television production company founded by filmmakers and brothers Ridley Scott and Tony Scott, have optioned Catherine Bailey’s THE SECRET ROOMS for the BBC.


Andrew Greig’s THE RETURN OF JOHN McNAB has been optioned by James Cook Cummings

Andrew Greig - The Return of John Macnab